Transforming young lives through sports

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Our mission is as simple as lacing up a pair of cleats:

The Lindy Infante Foundation provides athletic opportunites to children in need to play sports.



Unlock the Greatness in a Child

It’s the look on their face as they round third after hitting their first home run. It’s the countless hours of practice in the backyard. It’s the smell of a new jersey. And it’s the time they left it all out on the field. These are all the moments when sports begin to unlock greatness and forever change young lives.

This is the why, at the Lindy Infante Foundation, we believe sports has the power to transform the life of a child in need. A doors opens, the odds increase and positive growth occurs when a disadvantaged child has the opportunity to excel in sports. One hundred percent of the money we raise goes to the families in need to allow their children—of any age—to play and excel in sports.

Because when you give the opportunity to allow a child to grow, greatness can happen.



Javohn's Crossover

Javohn Garcia is a player with heart. Since a young age, basketball has been the tool that's helped shaped him as an athlete — as a person. The Lindy Infante Foundation partners with the Miller Factory to create opportunities for young athletes like Javohn to crossover, not just in the game of basketball but life.

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Live like Lindy

Lindy Infante was not supposed to succeed. Decades before he became a Hall of Fame captain for the University of Florida and the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, the cards were stacked against him. Losing his mother early in life and having an absent father meant his older sister became his primary caregiver. Impoverished and with no direction, Lindy’s hardships took him down a wrong path, until one fateful opportunity.

At the age of 14, Lindy entered a nationally-sponsored race at the Boys & Girls Club and astonishingly placed in the top 10 in the country. It was that moment, that race and that opportunity that allowed him to shine — and then everything changed for Lindy and his family.

After an illustrious college and NFL coaching career, the innate desire to help those like himself became clear. In his humble way, he tucked his players under his wing. He had a way of bringing out their greatness, often before they knew it for themselves. Lindy, or “Coach,” as so many of us called him, passed away in 2016, but his legacy will live on in every child that the Lindy Infante Foundation is able to help.

The phrase, “Live like Lindy,” means that through adversity and opportunity, the greatness in children will shine. And what better platform to shine than on the field or the court?


The Price to Play

The cost to play organized sports through school or traveling teams has dramatically increased over the past ten years. Research done by the University of Michigan finds that the average cost a family pays for a school sport is $400 per child, per year.

With competitive traveling teams, the cost can be more than double (sometimes triple), often leaving children in financial need unable to play organized sports. Only 30% of families with a combined annual income of $60,000 or less are able to afford their child’s participation in school sports. More than 21% of Franklin County lives in poverty.

Being active in sports allows children to be healthy, to perform better academically and to focus on their role in working towards a common goal. Because at the end of the day, all we want is to be a part of something—and coming together as a team can be life-changing.

This is why every donation positively impacts the lives and futures of disadvantaged children.


Meet Quentin

Meet Quentin Taylor, co-director of Miller Factory. His passion to help young lives through the game of basketball and life is why the Lindy Infante Foundation helps fund the team's endeavors. We help make it possible for exemplary leaders and coaches like Quentin to provide a positive impact through sports.



Financial assistance is a game changer for our program. This allows us to serve our young men in full capacity. It allows children that have never traveled outside of interstate 270 the ability to do so experiencing different perspectives of life. These opportunities allow us the possibilities to help bring them closer to reaching their future endeavors.
— Quentin Taylor // Miller Factory AAU Program

For many of our athletes lacrosse provides them additional opportunities to go to college allowing them to get the financial assistance they need. As the popularity of lacrosse has grown over the years we have personally witnessed the financial burden that athletic dues can put on a family. Donations allow us to lesson these burdens and provide assistance so that we can make sure that every child has an opportunity regardless of their financial situation.
— Matt Lee // Team Director Resolute Lacrosse



Lindy infante foundation

The Lindy Infante Foundation believes that sports has the power to transform the lives of children in need. Doors open, odds increase and positive growth prevails when a disadvantaged child has the opportunity to excel in sports. One hundred percent of the money we raise goes to families in need to allow their children—of any age—to play and excel in sports.


Transformational Gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus

The Lindy Infante Foundation, whose mission is to provide athletic scholarships to children in need to play sports, has granted Boys & Girls Club of Columbus $225,000 to establish the first Lindy Infante Foundation Athletic League. This transformational gift will provide 70 girls and boys in grades 3-6 the opportunity to participate in high-level competitive sports.