Meet Our Founders


Brad Infante


Brad Infante was raised in the world of sports. At every level he found mentorship in his coaches, each one contributing in some way to the person he has become, with his father Lindy Infante laying the foundation. In 2005, Brad founded his own orthopedic medical distribution company, CDC Medical, which employs more than 80 people today. There is something profound that’s created when a team works towards a shared goal. Brad got his first glimpse of that through sports and then as the owner of CDC Medical. Now Lindy’s legacy will live on through his son’s work by sharing the organization’s mission with those who need it most.

Board of Directors


Art DeCrane

CEO, FST Logistics, Inc.

Coming from a large family with 5 siblings, Art is no stranger to a little healthy competition. His family was a sports family, and with 3 kids of his own that play sports, he’s continued the tradition. Harnessing his knack for competition he started his own company, FST Logistics, which has seen successful growth over the last 30 years. Through his involvement with the Lindy Infante Foundation, Art will help more families form strong ties to sports and help more kids learn how to develop their personal strengths.


Archie Griffin

Two-Time Heisman trophy winner, The Ohio State University

Archie Griffin holds countless accolades and is right at home in the hearts of those in the athletic community. Time and time again, Archie has shown us the other-worldly potential that can be reached through involvement in sports. Winning the Heisman winner cemented Archie’s legacy as a football legend and opened many doors of opportunity for him. He now uses his career experience to pay it forward at every chance he gets, something he learned from his former coach Woody Hayes. Working with the Lindy Infante Foundation, Archie’s hopes to inspire young athletes to be their best selves, on and off the field.


Gary Marcinick

Partner & EVP of Business Development, Budros Ruhlin & Roe

Great athletes are selfless athletes, which requires maturity and the willingness to grow. Gary is characterized by selflessness through his contributions to his community, a value which he gained as an athlete at The Ohio State University. Gary is the EVP of business development of a wealth management firm, and gives back to the community by serving on a number of boards and commissions. Gary will utilize his connections to achieve the highest level of success with the Lindy Infante Foundation.


Michael E. Menning

Principal, Emerald Financial Advisors

Every athlete knows the meaning of hard work and commitment, and Michael has carried these lessons learned from sports into his career as a financial advisor. Michael is a firm believer in using his success to pay it forward — an act that has the power to change everything for a young athlete. He enjoys sharing his compassion and working with children who show dedication and spirit, embodying the essence of Lindy Infante.


Kent Mercker

Agent/Advisor, Excel Sports Management

Playing baseball for 20 years and spending 17 of those years as a professional MLB pitcher, Kent is well acquainted with the value of teamwork. During his baseball career, Kent made 3 World Series appearances, taking home the title with the Braves in 1995. He was the recipient of the Tony Conigliaro Award in 2000, an esteemed MLB honor, for overcoming adversity with courage and character. Kent continually gives back to the community that changed his life through his work as an agent and as part of our team at the Lindy Infante Foundation.


Danielle Rice

Attorney, United States District Court

As a graduate of Georgetown and The Ohio State University, she learned the meaning of resilience and perseverance. During her time as an Ohio State University soccer player, she formed meaningful bonds with coaches and teammates, which endured to be lifelong friendships. Now as a coach, she aims to instill in her players the same lessons sports taught her. Danielle recognizes that we all may not start on the same playing field, but we all deserve to be a part of the game.


Tom Weissling

EVP of Advanced Planning Solutions, Huntington Bancshares

Sports teach important life lessons; how to work together toward a common goal, responsibility and what it means to be an effective leader. Tom watched his children become more well-rounded individuals by participating in athletics, which helped him realize the vital role sports can play in a child’s development. It is with this sentiment in mind that Tom gives his time to the Lindy Infante Foundation. Tom hopes his involvement in the foundation will help disadvantaged youth to experience the benefits of sports in much the same way his own children did.



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